PRODUCT - Petroleum Resin

Tar Resin

Product Serial: Tarresin

Brief Introduction:
This product is made by C9 fraction ,a by-product of ethylene,through thermo-polymerization. It is appearance is dark brown flake solid. It has the properties of good solubility ,mutual solubility, water resistance, insulation adn very god chemical stability over acid and alkali, and good adhesive strength and lovwer heat conduction, etc. as well.

This product is suitable for paint,printing ink,and rubber assistant agent,etc.Mainly used as bridging agent in lnk , filmogen in dark paint,reinforce rubbers strength.

Packing, Storage and Transportation:
This product is packed in knitting sack with plasticlining. It is net weight 25kg per sack. The packing can be changed by client's requirements. It and damp,hook,alkali and oxidant. Our product can be transported by truck, train and ship etc. but must avod sun-scorched and rain-drenched and damp ,hook. Do not store or transport with alkali or oxidant, This product is a non-dangerous chemical . It should be in ventilated , cool and dry places, for one year storage.

Quality specification: GB/24138-2009

Code of softening point PR-50 PR-60 PR-70 PR-80 PR-90 PR-100 PR-110
Range of soften point °C(ball method) > 40-50 > 50-60 > 60-70 > 70-80 > 80-90 > 90-100 > 100-110
Color series
Dark brown
PH≤ 7 ± 1
Ash% 0.2